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Genital Wart Cream

500 million people worldwide suffer from genital warts (HPV or human papilloma virus) – but you don’t have to! Remove and prevent embarrassing HPV (genital warts) with one simple, effective treatment.

Start destroying genital warts from day one. Order now!

Genital Wart Cream
  • Eliminates HPV/genital warts
  • Effective and easy
  • Starts working from first application
  • Scientifically proven
  • Destroys the wart-causing virus
  • Rejuvenates skin and prevents scarring
  • Low cost solution
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Remove genital warts, regain life

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Walden Bioresearch's safe, effective HPV treatment has eradicated genital warts from over 100,000 patients since 2001.

This revolutionary treatment removes genital warts completely without scarring. How? Our bio-oxidive cream combines a powerful antiviral agent and is infused with a surprising active ingredient: oxygen.

How does oxygen eliminate HPV?

HPV viruses are anaerobic – that means they can’t survive or multiply in a high oxygen environment. Oxygen in our topical HPV cream, in the form of ozone, brings additional oxygen right to the location of the virus, killing it and preventing reinfection.

Additionally, oxygen naturally increases your body’s levels of interferon, a natural cell that fights infection. Not only does our treatment destroy the genital warts virus and prevent reinfection, it is safe to use and causes no scarring. This is because oxygen increases healing, reducing scarring. 

Walden Bioresearch's HPV cream is a safe, easy and side-effect free way to discreetly and permanently treat genital warts.

Buy now and be genital wart free!

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