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Genital Warts Treatment and HPV Treatment        

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emoves any wart on your body

Genital warts (HPV) can be an embarrassing and distressing condition. However, now you don’t have to let genital warts affect your confidence and your health. The solution is as simple as SOMXL HPV and Wart Treatment.


This breakthrough treatment uses revolutionary research into genital wart treatment for lasting results. Treat the virus that causes wart outbreaks while rejuvenating your skin – leaving no scar tissue. Start eliminating warts now.

Herpes Treatment

The serious effects of herpes go beyond the obvious physical discomfort to emotional suffering and even social isolation. Now, SOMOXAL Herpes Treatment uses new breakthrough research to destroy the herpes virus and give you back your confidence. SOMOXAL eliminates herpes and can reduce and even eliminate future outbreaks. It’s simple, quick and effective. Take control of your life and end herpes now.

The end of herpes and genital warts from Walden Bioresearch

Having a condition like genital warts or herpes can be distressing, isolating and painful. Walden Bioresearch is putting an end to the negative effects of these conditions with a breakthrough treatment.


How does it work?young healthy couple

Recent research has uncovered that viruses, including herpes and genital warts, are positively-charged. Add a negative charge to the affected area and it actually destroys the virus and symptoms.


Walden Bioresearch has developed a breakthrough method of applying a negative charge to areas affected by HPV and herpes: ozone.


Our ozone treatment combines oxygen molecules and a powerful anti-viral agent to work in two ways. First, the ozone itself quickly removes symptoms and kills the virus. Second, it also increases the body’s interferon cells. Interferon cells attack the virus, killing any remaining infection. Interferon itself is already FDA approved for the treatment of genital warts and genital herpes.


Finally, ozone increases oxygen levels in the area, accelerating the skin’s healing and regeneration – and reducing scarring.

Effective and discreet

Don’t suffer needlessly: revolutionary, effective treatments for herpes and genital warts (HPV) are both available now. We understand that these conditions can be a sensitive subject, so we wrap all purchases in plain packaging for your privacy. Regain your confidence!

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